Three Days of Stable Antam Gold Prices: A Bulk Buyer Opportunity

Antam gold prices

Antam Gold Prices Today

PT Aneka Tambang Tbk. (ANTM), also known as Antam, sells 24-carat gold at an unusually stable price. Antam gold prices have been stable between Saturday (30/9/2023) to Monday (2/10/2023). The 0.5-gram gold bar has remained at Rp574,500. The gram price has remained at Rp1.04 million. This pricing constancy has investors and gold aficionados wondering if it’s a good time to buy gold before prices soar.

Global Gold Price Forecast: Rebound

Antam gold prices remain same, but global gold markets are excited. Market experts expect worldwide gold prices to rise or rebound from October 2-6, 2023. The release of US employment data later this week is expected to influence this move, among other global considerations. As the world watches for economic revival or fall, gold, a safe haven investment, reacts.

Comparing Antam Gold Prices by Denomination

To understand the gold market, one must examine Antam gold prices across denominations. The Precious Metal Management Unit of Antam provides the following gold prices by denomination:

  1. 1 Gram: 24-carat Antam gold costs Rp1,049,000 per gram. This steadiness means that tiny gold investors may not observe substantial price movements.
  2. 5 Grams: Antam gold’s 5-gram denomination costs Rp5,020,000, unchanged from yesterday. This allows people to buy more gold without worrying about price spikes.
  3. 10 Grams: Antam gold costs Rp9,985,000 for 10 grams. Investors seeking mild gold may like this price, which is unchanged from the previous day.
  4. 50 grams: The Rp49,595,000 Antam gold bar is a larger investment. Since this denomination is stable, large investments can be made without worrying about price changes.
  5. The 100-gram Antam gold bar costs Rp99,112,000 for gold-hungry investors. At this price, gold investors can increase their holdings.
  6. 500 Grams and 1,000 Grams: The 500-gram Antam gold bar costs Rp494,820,000, while the 1,000-gram bar costs Rp989,600,000. These options serve institutional and wealthy investors.

Buyback Price and Tax Implications

Potential buyers must evaluate the tax ramifications of selling back Antam gold before buying.

Antam gold’s buyback price is Rp928,000 per gram, unchanged from yesterday. Please note that this buyback price does not include taxes if the transaction exceeds Rp10 million.

Gold bars sold returned to PT ANTAM Tbk. (ANTM) with a nominal value over Rp10 million would suffer a PPh 22 tax per PMK No.34/PMK.10/2017. Individuals with a Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) pay 1.5%, while those without pay 3%. The PPh 22 buyback tax is subtracted from the entire amount.

Buying Antam gold bars has tax ramifications. NPWP holders pay 0.45% PPh 22 on gold bar purchases, whereas non-NPWP holders pay 0.9%. Every gold bar purchase includes a PPh 22 tax deduction receipt for transparency and tax compliance.

Grab the Chance or Wait: Gold Investment Strategy

While investors and gold aficionados worry about Antam gold prices amid global market concerns, the decision to act or wait becomes crucial. Current prices may benefit bulk buyers who want to acquire more gold, while individual investors may choose smaller denominations.

Making informed investment selections requires knowing buyback and purchase tax effects. Individual financial goals and risk tolerance determine whether to buy now or invest later.

Timing matters in precious metals. As the week progresses and global market dynamics change, gold investors must carefully consider their options and the possibility for profit. Gold investment is fascinating and complex, whether you’re taking advantage of steady prices or expecting the climb.