My Dog Ate Snake Away – Is Snake Away Harmful To Dogs?

I live in a remote setting, and one of the most common creatures I have had to deal with is snakes. I have come to find snake away as an effective way of ridding my yard of snakes as that is my major concern since I have 2 dogs and a custard apple-eating cat that loves to venture into my garden. So, Is snake away harmful to dogs?

Manufacturers of snake away stated it is safe for dogs, and I have also used it around my house without my dogs showing signs of toxicity, but it is best to know the ingredients involved and the risk they could possibly pose to your pet. Over the years, I have taken some precautions when using snake away around my dog, and ill share them with you.

What is snake away and how does it work?

Sanke Away is an effective product that was designed primarily to keep away slithery intruders. The active chemical compound used in making it is naphthalene and sulfur. These two combine together to form an olfactory barrier.

Snake Away targets the Sensitive sensory organs of snakes by disrupting their olfactory system. This product exploits the snake’s susceptibility to powerful scents, creating a noxious environment that is extremely uncomfortable for the snakes.

Is Snake Away Harmful To Dogs?

If the product is properly used, snake Away can be safe for dogs, else it can be menacing which is why you have to carefully use the product or keep your pets away from areas where you just applied the snake away.

ingestion or exposure to naphthalene and sulfur compounds can unleash scores of health problems, ranging from respiratory distress to gastrointestinal upset.

There are basically three mistakes made by dog owners that lead to snake away causing hurt to their pooch. They apply the product wrongly, and they keep the product in places where their dogs can easily access them, leading to ingestion.

Can Dogs be Allergic to Snake Away?

The chemicals in snake away can have a negative reaction on our dog. If your dog is unfortunate to inhale, ingest, and even have skin contact, they are likely going to battle the following issues: anemia, organ damage, vomiting, and diarrhea. The same is true with sulfur.

Each dog may react differently, but if you’ve been with your dog for a while, you may be able to tell when he/she is going through a difficult time. If your dog is allergic, it is best to discontinue the use of snakes away and explore other alternatives that we will discuss below.

My Dog Ate Snake Away, What Should I Do?

If your dog may have been unlucky to stumble upon snake away and possibly inhale or ingest some of it, you may want to try the following to get him in order.

First things First

The first thing to do is to maintain your composure, panic will only make you take the wrong action.  understand it’s hard to keep your cool in these periods, but it’s essentially necessary.

Noting that time is of excess importance, reach out to your vet while arming yourself with all the information that they may require of you such as the age of your cat, size, and possible amount you think they ingested.

Treatment and Supportive care

Adhering to the guidance of your vet should be enough to help you prevent a disaster. Depending on the situation, your vet may suggest inducing regurgitation, using activated charcoal, or providing intravenous fluids. You might be asked to perform some of these at home if the case is critical. Again! you will want to rid yourself of panic.

How to Safely Apply Snake Away in your yard with a Dog?

Read the label

Before using any product for snakes, you want to read the label and follow the instructions carefully as the safety precautions provided by the makers of the product will ensure that you use the product properly around your dog.

Secure Your dogs indoors

While applying this snake repellent, it’s best to have your dog locked indoors, as this will help protect him from himself. Your dog is likely going to try ingesting or rubbing itself on the product if it is present while you apply it to the yard. Once the product has dried, you can let your dog roam.

Apply snake away around the perimeter

Avoid applying snake away recklessly around your yard, focus on making it a barrier around your perimeter. This limits the dog’s possible exposure to the product while still effectively keeping out the snakes.

Monitor your dog

After the snake away must have settled, you want to keep an eye on your pooch when they go outside. Take note of signs of distress, allergic reactions, or irritation. Relate with your vet about anything unusual

Dog-friendly alternatives to snake away

Below are some dog-friendly alternatives to snake away as we promised earlier.

Essential oils

Cinnamon, eucalyptus, and cloves are part of the essential oils that can be used to effectively repel snakes. All you have to do is to mix them in water and spray them around your property. Some essential oil can be toxic to dogs, so take precautions and ensure they are not present while you spritz the solution.


Certain plants have shown their worth in repelling snakes, and you can use these plants to create a barrier around your house. Plants like marigolds and lemongrass are safe for dogs and can repel snakes.

Diatomaceous earth

This natural powder that is made from fossils that were crushed is non-toxic, and it helps in repelling snakes by irritating their skin. You just need to sprinkle some of it around your yard. Ensure the Diatomaceous earth you buy is food grade, as it is safe for dogs.

Installing a fence

A snake-proof fence erected about your property will go a long way in keeping snakes out. You want to get a fine mesh or solid barrier as they extend below and above the ground.

Maintaining a tidy environment is the best way to repel these slithering creatures.

Is Victor snake away safe for dogs?

Victor Snake Away is safe for dogs if the instructions are followed properly. I is safe to use around dogs, cats, humans, and plants. Adhering to the manufacturer’s guide will guarantee your dog’s safety.

Is snake away safe for dogs? Final thoughts

Snake Away is safe for dogs as my dogs have never encountered any problems while I use these products around my property. You should understand that your dog can ingest these granules out of curiosity, which is why you should keep it out of the reach of your dog and you should not let your dog access areas when you just applied the snake repellent until after a while.


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