Is Deep Sleep Pillow Spray Safe For Dogs?

In a world setting where there are basically a ton of things ( Divorce, insomnia, bills, debts, illness, and work) to make you struggle to maintain a good sleeping habit or to even get some sleep, deep sleep spray is a perfect solution. But is deep sleep pillow spray safe for dogs?

Deep sleep spray’s 99% natural component makes it safe to use for your dog, but there are certain precautions you need to take to avoid causing more harm than good to your dog. In this article, I will share with you everything you need to know about using deep sleep spray for dogs, and how to prevent potential dangers.

Is Deep Sleep Pillow Spray Safe For Dogs?

Deep sleep pillow sprays are normally prepared with a mixture of natural and synthetic substances, including essential oils like lavender, chamomile, or vetiver, which are supposed to encourage sleep. They are typically created for human use. The safety of dogs and other animals depends on the chemicals in the product you are intending to use for them.

Deep sleep pillow spray can be safe for dogs depending on how you use it. Dogs are considerably more sensitive to smell than people are, and some smells can be overwhelming or upsetting to them. Heavy spritzing or direct spritz to the face can lead to unwanted reactions.

You should make sure your dog doesn’t have any respiratory issues before using this product for or around them.

The Ingredients in Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and its Impact on Dogs

Before you spritz the deep spray on your dog’s resting area, or before you allow your dog to stay with you after you’ve spritz some deep sleep spray on your bedding.

Ingredients Safe or not?
Water, the base of deep sleep spray, dissolves and brings together the entire component of the spray. Safe
Polysorbate 20, is responsible for the blending of oils and water. Safe
Lavandula Angustifolia, Lavender oil, is renowned for its calming effects. Safe, but that depends on the percentage used, but the lavender present in deep sleep spray can’t cause toxicity in a small spitz.
Parfum: the combination of essential oils and natural extracts. Safe
Cinnamomum Camphora safe
Vetiver Zizanoides safe
Pogostemon Cablin safe
Ormenis Multicaulis safe


Possible Risks of Using Deep Sleep Pillow Spray on Dogs

Just like we humans, our dogs may experience some allergic reaction from one or two of the ingredients present in this sleep spray. It could be mild skin irritations or respiratory-related issues. If your dog is prone to any of these, consult your vet before using deep sleep spray on or around them.

Over-sedation: The use of too much lavender and chamomile spray may lead to your dog getting over-sedated, which will cause it to become slow and weak. A bit lesser than the manufacturer’s recommended dosage will help avoid such occurrences.

Ingestion: If used properly and not spritzed directly to the dog’s coat or face, the dog is less likely to ingest the product while self-grooming itself. However, the amounts usually sprayed are innocuous, the main risk will come from allowing the dog access to the product unwatched.

Skin Irritation: Deep sleep spray may have different effects on individual dogs, the possible skin irritation you’re likely going to see is redness, continuous scratching, and swelling. In cases like these, discontinue the usage and intimate your vet of the event.

Struggle with breathing: Underlying respiratory diseases, allergies or asthma can put your dog in a perilous position when you spritz deep sleep spray around it. Coughing, Difficulty in breathing, and wheezing are usually the symptoms that may arise.

A sudden change in temperament: This happens rarely, but like with my dog, I started noticing traces of anxiety and unnecessary agitation. This led to me suspending the use around the dog, or encouraging him to sleep in a separate room.

The benefits of a relaxant like deep sleep spray cannot be overstated, however, the potential concerns should be taken into consideration when making a decision of using it around your pooch or not.

How to Safely Use Deep Sleep Pillow Spray For Dogs

In using a sleep-stimulating spray for or around your dog, you have to look for products made specifically for dogs, as such products would be tailored to ensure safety, and also be effective, but if you’re using a product designed for humans, you have to safely use it.

Make sure to Read the manufacturer’s instructions

Reading the manufacturer’s instructions gives you an upper hand in deciding how to use the spray for your dogs. But from my own personal use, I’d advise you to take the bottle a bit far from the dog’s bedding or pillow before you spritz ( 6-12 inches), so it doesn’t become overwhelming for your pooch’s olfactory senses.

Test for allergies

Prior to applying this spray on your dog’s bedding or around areas of your bed when he sleeps, you need to test for allergies by administering a little amount to a little area, then watch how your dog reacts to it.

Ensure The deep sleep spray had dried

To reduce the risk of possible ingestion, delay your dog’s access to the treated area. This also will give time for the bedding to absorb the scents, improving the relaxation It’ll get.

Other things to note

Keep the spray away from where your dog cannot easily access it. Avoid using it on your dog if you’re aware of existing health issues. Use in areas that are well-ventilated.

Alternatives To Deep sleep spray for Dogs

Calming supplements: Finding ways to calm an anxious dog doesn’t have to involve medication or other complex solutions – natural calming supplements could be the answer for many pet owners out there! With ingredients such as chamomile, valerian root, melatonin, and L theanine working together these products work well at reducing anxiety levels in dogs and helping them feel more relaxed overall. Nonetheless, always seek professional advice from a qualified vet when considering any supplement for your doggy pal!

Safe and Comfortable Sleeping Area: Ensure that your dog has a comfortable and cozy sleeping area, such as a dog bed or crate with soft bedding. Providing a secure and relaxing space can help your dog feel calm and settle down for sleep.

Regular Exercise: Regular physical exercise can help your dog expend excess energy, reduce anxiety, and improve overall sleep quality. Engage your dog in daily exercise sessions, such as walks, playtime, or interactive games, to promote relaxation and better sleep.


Thisworks Deep sleep pillow spray is a Godsent that relieves us of our anxieties and aids a good night’s rest, to ensure a productive tomorrow. In using this product for dogs, we have to consider that the product was specifically designed for humans and should be used with precaution around dogs since they possess a sensitive sense of smell.

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