Unusual Pyramid House

Unusual Pyramid House

What makes the house unique? This is its shape, color, appearance, the surrounding landscape, interior or something else? Most likely, this is the element that distinguishes the house and makes it unique. For example, the pyramid is not new, but the pyramidal house, definitely not what you can expect to see anywhere in the world, in addition to Egypt and the ancient pyramids of the pharaohs.

Pyramid House

This Pyramid House, a concept house designed by Mexican architect Juan Carlos Ramos, and it is a truly unique home. Pyramid House was created and is presented as an innovative architectural design. The house has a simple geometric shape, with which we are very familiar, but this form is it so unique and unexpected way, that it is impossible not to be hypnotized by this house, it is very attractive and unusual.

Pyramid House 3

Pyramid House 4


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