The charming private villa in Italy

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The village is located near Treviso in Italy a wonderful villa, which is more like a fairy house. This villa has been converted from an old house at the expense of some internal changes, as well as expanding the living room. Through the windows of the new house reflected the magnificent natural landscapes and stay in the living room can be equated with a stay in the open air.

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The whole villa is immersed in the surrounding greenery and is protected under the wall of ivy. This decision to use herbs as a decoration of the facade of the building looks very romantic and gives the building a new life. Living room, it was decided to expand and make large windows. Due to all this, the house blends with the environment and creates a kind of indoor garden, interacting with the interior. So, get cozy house with a spacious and airy interior.

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The bedroom is located near the ceiling of the house, the beams, hanging just a meter above the bed give a kind of Italian romance. The abundance of wood, beams, attrition, a large amount of greenery all part of the Italian style, which is quite often called Mediterranean. Of course, in addition to a rustic villa inherent simplicity and luxury with antique monumental and expensive materials. And due to the Venetian plaster, which covered the walls inside the villa, all rooms have combined both luxury with simplicity.

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