Store Front Loft – glossy loft of Messana O’Rorke


Store Front Loft – converted into an apartment room in the East Village in New York City. Architects of Messana O’Rorke turned into a luxury loft outstanding white residence for couples. In the apartment design in the first place have been used pieces of art from the collection of the owners themselves. Modern furniture and competent selection of colors make the loft glossy and very attractive. The harsh urban landscape and the neighboring buildings cease to exist when you cross the threshold of the loft. Here reigns totally different atmosphere. The room was formerly used as a shop, so the size of it is very inspiring and provided for the imagination everything you need. Ceiling height of 3.7 meters, steel columns, thick wooden beams form the basis of design.

The aim was to create an abstract design of space reminiscent of a city where the blocks allocated to the room, as if the building is determined outside.

All rooms are loft equally bright, sterile and glossy. The kitchen finished in white lacquer and decorated with stainless steel form an orthogonal. Wooden furniture bright accent dilutes the atmosphere of the “ice cave”. Passing through square archway, you find yourself in a spacious room with a huge window, which shows the southern sky. All the room are designated, but their purpose remains abstract and hidden. Sofa or bed – this is probably the only elements which can determine the type of premises.

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