Star light in your bedroom

Star light in your bedroom

The romance everyone understands their. For some, this “bun with jam”, for others – flowers and coffee in bed, for the third – a walk in the moonlight and co admiring the starry sky … And as in our crowded cities starry sky – a rarity, have to arrange a “local” Shooting Stars in a single room. For example, with an unusual luminous fabric from the LumiGram company.

LumiGram is a French company that produces unusual fabric that has the ability to glow in the dark. She does not look that day, as usual, but the real high point occurs at night, well, or in semi-darkness: subtle glowing threads that are woven into a fabric, light up one way or another light, and it seems that the stars are showered from the sky, and found a new home.

Star Curtain Lights 12 Stars 138 LEDs

Star Curtain Lights 12 Stars 138 LEDs: This gorgeous star curtain lights are perfect for adding sparkle to your windows, especially widely used on special occasions.

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So, from this tissue Luminous Fabric can be sewn as clothing and linens, as the tablecloth and curtains, apply “stellar fabric” scraps for decoration of a product, or use it fully, light and shimmering like a jewel in the light.

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Wash and iron fabric can be glowing as well as any other matter. And how great it would be to invite a loved one to a romantic dinner in the cozy furnished room in which the table will be covered by the “star” tablecloth, and the curtains too shimmer myriad of fireflies.

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