Sports cosiness

When designing landscaping territory decided to carry out a distinctive tiers pavin. The upper tier is separated from the average number of planted in decorative sinks, crown which in the future, on the idea of ​​the designer will get a flat shape. Middle tier is decorated with herbs: rosemary, lemon balm, mint, sage of Asherah, thyme. At the bottom tier in the open shade sumac bizarre planted with ornamental conifers: Canadian hemlock “Jeddeloh”, blue spruce shtambovoy form, juniper, thuja “Aurea Nana”. Near the house in the center of a paved terrace as a family tree planted catalpa.

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Else paving ties in all the elements of a complex area: playground with wooden flooring, organized garden, an orchard, a tennis court. Originally decorated place to stay and a barbecue – terrace with stone columns, decorated in Roman motives. Separate items are selected dumping garden, mulch and decorative stones. Vegetable garden territory planned as raised beds of retaining walls around the perimeter of which – a track from the marble chips.

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