Sofas in the Living Room

Sofas in the Living Room

Here you can relax and work, communicate, or to seclude, as well as eat, drink, sleep, live…
It is a universal habitat, built around the basic element – the sofa.

Living room – a common place of any interior and its mandatory component. Why, in small apartments – studios, it is able to replace all the other room, and the owners of large country houses prefer to have several different living rooms? Paradoxicality of this space is that it is neutral to the function. It is broth, ready to mutate beyond recognition from its supplementary ingredients and can turn into a library, fireplace, front hall, become the center of imposing a composition at home, tying himself to the ins and outs, or, for example, small comfortable cinema between the kitchen room and terrace.

But always in these variations remains sofa – stable symbol of domestic peace, responsive to the surrounding style delights only its brim.
He is able to attract to himself with the calmness and composure, which were harassing to contemporaries of Arthur Conan Doyle, and without which our contemporaries can not imagine a relaxing home leisure.

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