Comfortable, Elegant and Stylish Atmosphere in a Tiny Apartment

Tiny Apartment

The combination of elegance and functionality. This Swedish modern studio apartment has an area of only 16 square meters. But it has some advantages that are successfully used in the home design.

Tiny Apartment 2

Through a glass door you find yourself in an excellent place. This patio with platform and guardrail light wood. Stylishness this patio gives a contrasting sofa and flowers in pots.

Tiny Apartment 3

Tiny Apartment 4

In the room itself is set an original black design with a matte finish. On the one hand it is stored cookware, the other – clothes. Very comfortably! High ceilings make it possible to construct the entrance something like a shelf – a romantic bed upstairs.

Tiny Apartment 8

Tiny Apartment 6

Tiny Apartment 7

In a separate small room is a snow-white bathroom.

Tiny Apartment 9

Tiny Apartment 10

Tiny Apartment 11

This option is especially attractive living space in the summer for a quality vacation.

Tiny Apartment 12

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