Collection of chairs from designer Jolyon Yates

Collection of chairs from designer Jolyon Yates

The British designer Jolyon Yates perfectly mastered the basics of design and offers like to turn the interior into poetry. A series of chairs from his collection ODEChair – a vivid example. Made entirely by hand from recycled wood, which the designer selects yourself with all the love and care, these elegant design elements are called to live and to please several generations because of its form and function.

Jolyon Yates was born in 1968 in the city of Durham (England). In college, he studied industrial design at first, and then car styling. Next, a significant part of his biography takes a job in a company Opel in Frankfurt, Style Porsche in Stuttgart, Bakewell-White Yacht Design in New Zealand. Today Jolyon Yates continues to participate in many major international exhibitions and design projects. Work on ODEChair he started in 2008 and today his collection of designer chairs are among the most famous in the world.

The chairs from the collection ODEChair – amazing combination of simplicity of modern design and natural materials. Smooth lines and soft contours forever occupy a place in your heart, and the desire to have at least one copy of a series of papers designer will give you peace of mind, for the interior of each house is happy to accept such a beauty. In addition, all products designer Jolyon Yates completely safe for the environment and human health, made of natural materials and are produced in only one instance of each.

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