Children’s furniture a constructor

Childrens furniture a constructor

Basic requirements for furniture, forming space nursery can be summarized in three words: security, transformation and external charm. The ergonomic modular design team “Toddler Tower”, designed by London designer Marc Newson, consists of different functional elements with a modern aesthetic and pleasant rounded, safe for children forms.

Toddler Tower

Smooth edges density polyethylene, of which the design elements, making it safe for recreation and games. In addition, the author team ensures bunk beds, as well as the strength and durability of his invention. Modern design and manufacturability of the product is what sets it against the background of multiple interpretations on the theme of children’s bedrooms, executed in cheap materials and using outdated technology.

baby room furniture

Folded into a single unit elements “Toddler Tower” can be disassembled having received full two freestanding children’s beds. The two side pieces that are the connecting elements between the two beds can be used as little tables or seat. Ability to this reincarnation plays a significant role in moving, expanding or desire to a change of scenery.

modern design furniture

By the way, if the family is not two children, and one, the upper or the lower tiers, if desired, can be used not only as a second bed, but also for storing a myriad of children’s toys. Location of the light white ladder, if necessary, may vary by parents and kids themselves. Smooth color transition structure is designed to please the eye, making the interior a bright, lively and, at the same time, calm and a light shade of sky and water.

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