Chair CHANDRA from the KOKET Love Happens Collection

Chair CHANDRA PhotoIt would seem ordinary sketch made in a cafe in New York for cocktails, but it was he who initiated the charming collection that exudes luxury and glamor – KOKET Love Happens. This collection is made with love for the beautiful. Love is visible everywhere – in every bend, color, splendor parts in every detail. The collection includes various pieces of furniture, including wardrobes, sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables. Each of the items is the fraction of coquetry, which tempts and lures. When creating this collection of designer inspired everything – fashion, flora, and fauna, and the forms and decorative techniques, and old age, and modern fashion. Through the entire collection of furniture sweeps nobility, exclusivity and prestige.

Chair CHANDRA Photo 2

This chair merged in a luxurious vintage dance and glamor. This combination is very bold, but in this case, it has surpassed all expectations. Sculptural streamlined backrest harmonizes perfectly with dark trim and polished brass legs, accentuate luxury.

Chair CHANDRA Photo 3

Chandra Armchair very good fit for the interior in an eclectic style. Grants the special charm of this chair will receive a kit with table Intuition from the same collection KOKET Love Happens. Moreover, this solution is suitable as a strong nature, wishing to emphasize their status and taste, and a romantic set up on love, beauty and refinement.

Chair CHANDRA Photo 7 Chair CHANDRA Photo 4 Chair CHANDRA Photo 5 Chair CHANDRA Photo 6

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