Buisson Residence by Robert Gurney Architect

Buisson Residence by Robert Gurney Architect

Buisson Residence – new project by Robert Gurney Architect. Located on the edge of the pine forest on the shore of Lake Lake Anna, Virginia, USA, home stands out sharp white spot among the bright colors of nature. The main architectural element are two brick walls in the shape of the letter «L», united by a glass bridge. Mahogany decorates the house, designed for general use, while the glass walls in the bedroom area. Stunning views, so enjoy from the rooms on the south and west sides.

Entrance hall, living room and bedroom areas are arranged linearly to maximize the visibility of the opening to the lake could be seen from anywhere in the house. Turned to the south, the rooms are also taking a lot of the maximum heat and light in winter. A large sheds foresight to prevent the overheating of the room during the hot summer days. Copper-plated roof of the second floor and the outside of the walls combined with fully glazed east and west wings and contribute to the further reflection of sunlight and covering the upper floors. From the office, located on the second floor of the house, and stunning views. Sloping roof and wall are designed to direct wind and rain down. Thus, these unusual geometric shapes not only hide the surrounding beauty, but also very functional.

view from side bathroom Image 12 office on the 2nd floor

Image 10 corridor on the 2nd floor Ladder Image 7

Image 6 Image 5 Image 4 Image 3

Image 2 Image 1 Buisson Residence by Robert Gurney Architect Image 15

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