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The web site HOMEid.org is intended for those who are interested in new ideas for the interior design of their house, apartment or the land plot.  On our site, you can find all the new ideas as far as it concerns the landscape, decor, house designs, architecture, interior and exterior.

Nowadays, in order to develop the expressive design of the apartment, it could be enough to have some photos of the decorating solutions which have been already implemented, and these pictures can provide the basis for the new interesting projects for the interior decoration of the premises of various specifications. Carrying out the repairs of you apartment with the help of the photographs which are published on our specialized website, you will manage to reduce your own expenses avoiding the hiring of the professional designers. On the other hand, each interior idea presented in our gallery has an original design which can be used as a starting point, with the addition of your own solutions regarding the interior. The pictures of interior design ideas and projects, produced by the most famous and successful construction enterprises, are conveniently classified into the categories, so you can quickly find a particular interior which you need. The above service is certainly a very useful resource for both professional designers and for those who prefer to repair the apartment and create an interior design by their own hands.

Our professional selection of the best photos of the modern interiors and the furniture will help you to choose the most interesting style and aesthetic angle to meet your taste preferences.

As the practice shows, the photos demonstrating the realized interior can really give you the basic design idea for the decoration of any premises, so you can simplify a lot your creative search and successfully renovate your apartments. Moreover, for those who create their own design of their house, apartment, who choose the furniture for the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, the pictures published in our photo gallery are of a highly convenient visual assistance. It is quite the right way to help you to imagine the final result, making all the necessary corrections in advance and complementing the ready decorative solutions.

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If your intention is to create a new and modern look of your kitchen, or to renovate the interior of your apartment, in this case our ready solutions will show you the various options for the practical and the decorative repairs, which may give a new image and a new comfort level to your environment. In some sections of the site, there are presented different types of the projects implemented in the premises of various specifications, namely in the living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, children’s rooms, there are also the examples of the furniture and the bathrooms. In addition to the images of the interior design, some pictures of the modern floor coverings and ceiling systems, presented in our photo gallery, can help you to determine the type of necessary functional decor. Finally, in order to complete the aesthetic design of the apartment, the vivid illustrations of the furniture modules will reflect all the advantages of the modern upholstered and cabinet furniture. Such a diversity of the topics makes the site HOMEid.org to become a convenient tool for the original designs developing.