About of Kitchen Design

About of Kitchen Design

The kitchen can perform different roles in the apartment, depending on the lifestyle of its owners. If you plan to cook only occasionally, it is possible to combine it with the dining room or living room. Typically, this corresponds to the kitchen unmarried people or childless. Kitchen furniture on it a minimum set, the main emphasis is on modern appliances: hob and fridge. A very different case – the use of the kitchen in the main to its purpose as a place for cooking. Of course, a combination kitchen facilities are not out of the question, we need complete isolation. To the kitchen was functional, you need to equip it with a sufficient quantity of kitchen furniture, and a set of household appliances.

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But the question is how to seamlessly fit modern appliances in the kitchen, made in the classic. The answer is simple: it is necessary to choose kitchen furniture that allows you to hide appliances for special panels.

Interestingly, the producers of kitchen appliances produce entire range of products in a particular style. For example, a country-style produced such interesting devices such as wood-paneled hood or dishwasher.

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When choosing equipment, better to stay on the copies of which are built into the kitchen furniture. It leaves more room for design imagination. Moreover, this solution is much more hygienic, as it becomes smaller gaps, and therefore cleaning of the kitchen is easier to carry out.

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Finally, consider the kitchen appliances in terms of price:

1. Luxury. All equipment in this price range built into the kitchen furniture, even such a small thing as a mixer or coffee maker. Household appliances as a functional and modern: for example, a refrigerator may well have access to the Internet, allowing you to order products, and extractor hood can be operated automatically, choosing the most suitable mode of operation.

2. Middle class. Small appliances, such as microwave ovens and toasters, not a built-in. Larger models – built-in, but a little less technological, rather than luxury. Managing tend to touch or remote.

3. Economy Class. The limited in finances does not mean that you can not fill the kitchen functionality. Just all models of equipment are mounted in the kitchen furniture, you will need to replace some appliances that are cheaper, but retain their useful properties.

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In order to kitchen furniture and built-in appliances purchased a single style is necessary not only to make it the same façade, here plays a big role and accessories. For example, pens for cabinets, legs, and other elements of the external decorative cabinet. By the way fittings for kitchens, one that is located inside the cabinets, the one that is not visible, is largely responsible for the functionality, usability and longevity of the lockers and cabinets. Made of stainless steel, safe for human health, furniture consists of a variety of rails, shock absorbers, door closers, hinges, etc. For example, door closers for cabinet doors allow them to close smoothly, thereby protect cabinets from the impact, and our ears against sound spikes.

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Comfortable guides for desk drawers allow the containers to move easily, while making the least effort. For greater capacity and its amenities used metaboxes – a kind of basket, replacing boxes.

And if you decide to order make furniture to hide in cupboards and kitchen appliances, then pay attention to the accessories. One of the best suppliers, the company Amiks – furniture accessories, offering customers the most diverse products from well-known European and Asian manufacturers.

Thus, the important thing to consider when creating a kitchen interior – it’s your own lifestyle and taste. Only in this case, you can make the right choice of kitchen furniture and appliances.


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